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    Curls Dynasty empowers women with textured hair to experience and embrace hair freedom!

    Our product line is exclusively designed for women transitioning to natural hair, as well as the curl poppin’ naturalista!


    Curls Dynasty was founded in 2014 by healthy hair and body enthusiast, Nickie Nougaisse.

    After several disheartening experiences on her own haircare journey, Nickie decided to transition to natural hair, during which she was diligent in identifying the healthiest chemical-free products and ingredients to help revive her hair.

    On her new hair journey, Nickie quickly became a tutorial and product junkie, but was continuously disappointed by the products that filled her cabinets. Taking matters into her own hands, she soon began mixing her own products in her kitchen and immediately experienced positive results.

    Excited and passionate about her new discoveries, Nickie found herself constantly giving tips and providing encouragement to others on their own healthy hair journeys. She has since been sharing her collection of high quality hair care products with naturals globally, changing the world one curl at a time!

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