6 Reasons to Consider Going Natural

6 Reasons to Consider Going Natural

Have you been thinking of letting your hair go natural? Not sure if it's for you? Here are 6 reasons to consider going natural.

Are you looking into joining the hair naturalistas? Curls Dynasty founder,  Nickie Nou, can tell you this route requires work and commitment. But going natural can also grant you hair freedom. 

6 Reasons to Consider Going Natural

Not sure if the natural hair route is for you? 

Let’s look at 6 reasons to consider going natural.

  • You get hair freedom!

  • We’re not gonna lie to you. There will be an awkward transition period. Your hair will develop  different textures, which could require different types of care. But after that phase is over, you will have hair freedom!

    Some of us might avoid working out or swimming because we are worried about having to make an extra trip to the stylist, or because we might have to treat our hair afterward. With natural hair, you learn to embrace your hair. You nourish it in ways that make it manageable, beautiful, and healthy.

    No more burns from chemical or heat treatments. No more wigs, sew-ins, and glues. And bye bye to all the hair and scalp damage caused by them. You’ll finally have healthy, luscious locks and a scalp that feels amazing. 

  • It’s more cost effective.

  • After the completely normal and initial period of buying lots of products to see which ones work best for your hair, you will end up saving so much money. No more visits to your stylist, no more costly treatments, so many savings!

    If you have no idea which products to invest in to start on your naturalista journey, check out our  guide to the best hair products for textured hair

  • You will have thicker, fuller, stronger, and longer hair.

  • Some women are able to grow relaxed hair, but a lot of us struggle. With natural hair, growth is so much easier, and requires much less effort. Chemical treatments tend to strip our hair of moisture, making it damaged and prone to breakage. When you go natural, your hair care routine involves nourishing your hair to keep it moisturized, healthy, strong, and growing.

    Try our  Gro & Glo Starter Kit  to get your hair healthy, strong, and growing.

  • There’s a naturalista hair community waiting for you.

  • Naturalistas can easily spot other naturalistas. And your new, beautiful, natural hair could spark some great conversations. There’s a whole naturalista community out there that openly and happily exchanges advice and ideas, and they are there for you should you choose to join them.

    Click here  to join our Dynasty Divas on Instagram!  

  • You will get to know ingredients that are helpful or harmful for your hair.

  • Part of a naturalista’s hair journey will involve learning which ingredients in hair products are helpful or harmful for your hair. Being mindful of using products that don’t contain harmful ingredients - such as, sulfates, parabens, etc - will be important in keeping your hair healthy. And, also, which ingredients nourish your luscious locks.

    Curls Dynasty is committed to using only the best, most natural ingredients in its hair products. Click here  to learn more about the moisture-infusing natural ingredients we use to help make hundreds of naturalistas' hair healthy and beautiful. 

  • Natural hair is versatile.

  • Protective styles, wash n’ go, twist outs, blow outs, the possibilities are endless. Protective styles are great during your transition into natural hair - it gives you a nice sleek look while the textures change and it conserves hair growth. Wash n’ gos are great for refreshing your hair and scalp, and checking out how your hair texture is looking. The beauty is that you could do so much more with natural hair, and it stays healthier than chemically treated hair.

    Are You Going Natural?

    Have we convinced you to go natural? 

    If the answer is yes, here are a couple of tips before you get started on your journey:

  • Get to know your hair.

  • Each head of hair is as unique as the person who sports it. So, it’s important that you do some research on your hair type to see which products and hair care routines will work best for you.

    A great place to start is by taking our  Hair Quiz. After you complete the quiz, you will be provided with personalized recommendations for products that will give you that beautiful, natural mane you’re after. 

    Click here  to learn more about your hair type and texture, and the products that work best for it.

  • Develop a consistent hair care routine.

  • Maintaining beautiful natural locks is all about developing a routine that works for your specific hair type and texture. 

    If you have no idea where to start in developing your natural hair care routine, no worries. We’ve got you. Click here  to read our guide to textured hair care for beginners. 

    Now you have all you need to get you started on your natural hair journey! Go get ‘em, naturalista!

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