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Nickie Nou's Empowering Journey to Hair Freedom

Founder of Curls Dynasty, Nickie Nou, shares her empowering journey to hair freedom. Here’s how she went natural and helped thousands of women do the same.

It is so hard to know exactly how to care for your hair. Lots of us use relaxers to help make our hair look sleek. But, with time, many hair-straightening treatments can leave our hair and scalp damaged and even cause burns. This happened to the founder of Curls Dynasty, Nickie Nou. 

Nickie Nou’s Hair Journey 

Nickie Nou had been using relaxers since she was about 14 years old. Through the years, she found that her hair and scalp were burnt. Her hair was breaking off, was thin and brittle, and looked unhealthy. Many of her friends were shaving their heads, but Nickie Nou decided to grow out her hair instead. 

And so, she started on her healthy hair journey…

How She Rehabbed Her Hair

She started by cutting relaxers and dyes out of her hair care routine and found that as her hair grew, she had to manage 2 different hair textures:


  1. The new growth, which was rough, dry, and hard to treat

  2. The relaxed ends, which were stringy, limp, and lifeless  

After transitioning for about nineteen months, Nickie Nou did “the big chop”, cutting off the damaged ends.

Trying to find ways to make her hair healthy overall, she started researching different products and ingredients that would help her hair grow faster. After all her research, she developed an  oil blend and started using it on her hair. 

With time, her hair and scalp started to look and feel more and more healthy and lush. And, you know what else? It grew! Her hair got so healthy and long that she was soon out of that multi-textured hair phase, and had a healthy mane of hair she was proud to show off. She achieved natural hair freedom!

Then, her friends and family started taking notice of her healthy natural hair, and they asked Nickie Nou to share her secret.

How She Started a Hair Naturalista Dynasty

She started making her oil blend for her friends and family. After their hair and scalps got healthy, she started selling her oil blend to their friends. 

After the hair success of her family, friends, and her own naturalista hair journey, she opened an online shop. Business kept booming, and now, you can find Curls Dynasty products for sale  online, at our showroom, and on the shelves of major  retailers

Empowering Journey to Hair Freedom

Her hair dynasty was not built in a day. She had trials and tribulations during her naturalista hair journey. But with research, persistence, and determination, she was able to get and maintain the healthy hair and scalp she wanted.

Nickie Nou’s empowering journey led to the creation of a hair dynasty that educates and equips hundreds of women with textured hair to experience and embrace their own hair freedom!

If you’ve been thinking of going natural, or if you’ve already started on your natural hair journey and are frustrated with your hair, give Curls Dynasty a try to achieve your own hair freedom!

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