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  • A model touching her hair in front of an orange backdrop.

    "I LOVE the way this conditioner makes my hair feel."

    Adrienne C.

  • A model with her eyes closed touching her curly hair in front of an orange backdrop.

    "Really loving the way my hair responds to these products. I wish I tried them sooner!"

    Adrienne C.

  • A model wearing a yellow shirt while touching her hair in front of an orange backdrop.

    "I love this oil. It smells amazing & I've noticed an improvement with my hair."

    Regina M.

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Ana showing her hair after using Curls Dynasty products.

Dryness cramping your style? Not over here!

Curls Dynasty has cracked the code in developing the perfect formulas that quench chronic dryness fast, and improve your hair’s ability to retain moisture for longer. Our premium concoctions of certified organic and natural ingredients consistently work to hydrate, fortify and increase moisture retention, growth, and curl enhancement over time.

Our collection of hair care products will take your hair health to the next level.

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A bottle of Kala Hari Smoothe Leave-In on top of sliced pineapples.

Our Ingredients

Pure, Natural & Safe.

  • NO Harsh Sulfates
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Artificial Dyes
  • No Fragrances
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Cruelty-Free
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A woman smiling while holding a bottle of organic Oil Blend hair product.

60 days, risk free money back guarantee

If your hair doesn’t feel more moisturized within 60 days, it’s on us. If all instructions were followed, send us an email and we will send you your money back. You can keep the products.

  • Guarantee Shield 1 Proven results
  • Guarantee Shield 1 Free shipping over $65
  • Guarantee Shield 1 60 day money back guarantee
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Real Users, Real Results

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  • 96%

    of Curls Dynasty Customers tried other products but ours was the only one that actually consistently improved moisture retention

  • 91%

    of Curls Dynasty Customers saw enhancement in curl definition

  • 89%

    of Curls Dynasty Customers saw an overall hair health improvement

Life before using Curls Dynasty

  • Negative list icon Dry hair
  • Negative list icon Excessive shedding
  • Negative list icon Breakage
  • Negative list icon Hair loss
  • Negative list icon Dull lackluster styles
  • Negative list icon Itchy scalp
  • Negative list icon Stunted growth

Life after you start using Curls Dynasty

  • Positive list icon Significant moisture retention
  • Positive list icon Healthy scalp
  • Positive list icon Easily detangled hair
  • Positive list icon Noticeable decrease in breakage and shedding
  • Positive list icon Increase in growth and length retention
  • Positive list icon Juicy looking curls
  • Positive list icon Kinks and coils
  • Positive list icon Lasting hairstyles
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Our Best Sellers

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  • A model smiling while holding a bottle of Give Me Slip in front of an orange backdrop.

    "The leave-in works wonders. Leaves my hair so smooth & hydrated!"

    Dominique Y.

  • A model smiling while holding a bottle of Kala Hari in front of an orange backdrop.

    "I never thought I would find a product to fit my hair type. I’m so glad that I came across Curl Dynasty!!!"

    Lashunda L.

  • A model smiling while holding a bottle of Oil Blend in front of an orange backdrop.

    "Everything in this bundle has helped me restore moisture to my hair"

    Shermac S.

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Black owned, woman led

“I was in a love/hate relationship with my hair, coming from the chemical damages from relaxers, to being in a constant fight with my natural texture that looked, felt dry and styles that flopped. I desperately craved a lasting solution that gave me moisture and made my coils POP. I created Curls Dynasty for me and others like me that need products that actually do what they claim."

-Nickie Nougaisse