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Curls Dynasty

Growth & Length Retention Bundle

Growth & Length Retention Bundle

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This bundle is specifically designed to alleviate and repair the effects of stressors that influence breakage, excessive shedding and hair loss.

Each product is infused with key nutrients, vitamins, amino acids known to promote blood circulation, lengthen the growing phase, and keep hair fall, acute hair loss, at bay. They work together to help strengthen the hair from the root to the tip, making it more resilient and less prone to breakage.

Bundle includes:

-Cocoa Mint Shampoo

-Give Me Slip Conditioner

-Kalahari Leave In

-Hello Growth Serum

-Bye-Bye Breakage Miracle Overnight Treatment

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Real Users, Real Results

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  • 96%

    of Curls Dynasty Customers tried other products but ours was the only one that actually consistently improved moisture retention

  • 91%

    of Curls Dynasty Customers saw enhancement in curl definition

  • 89%

    of Curls Dynasty Customers saw an overall hair health improvement

Life before using Curls Dynasty

  • Negative list icon Dry hair
  • Negative list icon Excessive shedding
  • Negative list icon Breakage
  • Negative list icon Hair loss
  • Negative list icon Dull lackluster styles
  • Negative list icon Itchy scalp
  • Negative list icon Stunted growth

Life after you start using Curls Dynasty

  • Positive list icon Significant moisture retention
  • Positive list icon Healthy scalp
  • Positive list icon Easily detangled hair
  • Positive list icon Noticeable decrease in breakage and shedding
  • Positive list icon Increase in growth and length retention
  • Positive list icon Juicy looking curls
  • Positive list icon Kinks and coils
  • Positive list icon Lasting hairstyles