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Curls Dynasty

Enhanced Curl Definition Bundle

Enhanced Curl Definition Bundle

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Melt away knots and give your coils a fresh twist with the bundle.

This powerful bundle works in perfect harmony to deliver consistent, reliable results across the entire curl pattern and texture spectrum. Wash, condition and enjoy enhanced curl poppage.

Hair Type: Curly, Kinky, Coily (4A, 4B, 4C)



How to Use

Product Benefits

  • 100% Cruelty Free (not tested on animals)
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Real Users, Real Results

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  • 96%

    of Curls Dynasty Customers tried other products but ours was the only one that actually consistently improved moisture retention

  • 91%

    of Curls Dynasty Customers saw enhancement in curl definition

  • 89%

    of Curls Dynasty Customers saw an overall hair health improvement

Life before using Curls Dynasty

  • Negative list icon Dry hair
  • Negative list icon Excessive shedding
  • Negative list icon Breakage
  • Negative list icon Hair loss
  • Negative list icon Dull lackluster styles
  • Negative list icon Itchy scalp
  • Negative list icon Stunted growth

Life after you start using Curls Dynasty

  • Positive list icon Significant moisture retention
  • Positive list icon Healthy scalp
  • Positive list icon Easily detangled hair
  • Positive list icon Noticeable decrease in breakage and shedding
  • Positive list icon Increase in growth and length retention
  • Positive list icon Juicy looking curls
  • Positive list icon Kinks and coils
  • Positive list icon Lasting hairstyles

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I absolutely love Curls Dynasty products. They are highly moisturizing non-damaging and it doesn’t take a long time for you to see the results and the difference in your hair once you start. I will always be a client.


Very long shipping time. I was concerned about my order since it’s been over two weeks and I haven’t received any updates regarding my order. I contacted the seller on the Shop app and on Facebook messenger, there was no response. I was going to dispute the charges, since I lost faith my order will be fulfilled when finally that same day I received a shipment notification.
The shipment arrived with one of the jars open and product spilled all over the bubble bag.
I’m very disappointed in this company and losing most of the product due to poor shipping methods. The jar wasn’t broken, it wasn’t closed tightly and opened during shipping.

Yaira Colon
Hair Type: Curly
Scalp Health:
Very Dry
Detangling Ease:

I like the products and I am going to continue buying them since they are natural products and they leave my hair soft and nourished from the first day the address was seen. the responses to your answers go back after using the product

Shacoya Upshur
Hair Type: Kinky
Scalp Health:
Very Dry
Detangling Ease:
Finally, a product that works on my daughter's 4c hair.

Enjoyed using the Enhanced Curl Definition Bundle on my daughter's hair. Her seem to take very well to the product. They also make my daughter's hair smell really good. The LOC method using the vanilla custard is the trick for my daughter's hair. Thanks for making a product that does what it's suppose to.


An amazing product . I just love me some curls dynasty