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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Yes, children can use products from our traditional line Moisture InfusionCollection as they are made with natural ingredients and don't contain any yucky chemicals. Products are not tear-free however. Some of the products containing mint have a tingling sensation on the scalp that may be uncomfortable for infants and toddlers.

    CurlsDynasty products are designed for the health of natural hair however they are suitable and can be used for all hair types.

    Icing on a curl is a sealing butter, not a styler. It won’t give you a significant curl definition. Use it to lock in maximum moisture, take flyaways and it can be applied before going in with your styler. 

    Twisted Definition and Vanilla Cream Custard are stylers. Twisted is moisturizing and provides a soft hold with tons of definition for twist outs/braid outs. Custard is the love child between a cream and a gel. It has a stronger hold thanTwisted and allows you to do more variety of styles like wash and go, rod sets, twist/braid outs, finger coils with no crunch, no flakes.

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    Our products are not dietary supplements, however, because of all the balanced nutrients and plant-protein, they may help improve your overall diet! Every BODY is different, and everyone requires a different amount of food and nutrients, so please consult with a professional for more information on diet/weight-loss programs.