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How to Set Goals for the New Year

     The New Year is just around the corner and you’re wondering how exactly to go about setting goals. Well, read on to find out!


  1. Set simple goals

                    Goals do not have to be complicated. They are meant to guide you and not destroy you as you try to achieve them. When you set simple goals you are more likely to achieve them and not feel burnt out at the end.  

     Here’s how to go about it.

  • Focus on a few goals. When you are setting your goals, try to keep them as few as possible. Less is always more. Having many goals will only leave you exhausted.
  • Take small steps.

              If you want to grow your hair you may want to look into your hair regimen and see areas that you can improve on such as learning how to pre poo better. While it would be great to grow your hair twice as long, it is also important to focus on small steps which will eventually sum up to the bigger picture.

                     Just because they are New Year goals doesn’t mean that you have to wait until the first week of January to set them. It is better to set them before so that by January, you’ll already have some sort of momentum.


  1. Write them down

                  Your dreams are your dreams until you write them down, then they become goals.


                  Take a pen and notebook (specifically for your goals), and write down one thing you want to achieve in each area of your life. For example for natural hair -grow healthier hair.

                   Next, write down the steps you will take to achieve those goals with the healthy natural hair example. There are so many ways to grow healthy natural hair but remember we said less is more. You may choose to look at your hair routine, find the holes and fix them. For example, learn how best to pre poo.

                  After writing down the steps for all of your goals, pick one step and start doing it. Repeat the step until you master it then move on to the next.


  1. Think of obstacles you may face

                You have to set some fire goals. You are ready to take on the year. But there is one little detail that you have forgotten, the obstacles you may face on the way. Knowing what kind of problems you may run into will better prepare you to face them. Life will always get in the way; the key here is to be flexible, open-minded and open to change.


  1. Schedule some self-care

                        This is an aspect that we most of the time tend to forget. Putting aside some time for ourselves. A time where we don’t focus on our goals but just relax. Sitting down and deciding that on 27th January I will have a spa day. At the end of March, you will pamper your natural hair with some awesome products that will go a long way.

                     Self-care doesn’t look productive, but it is essential.

       What is one thing that you want to achieve in the New Year? Do tell us below!

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