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How Best to Pre Poo Natural Hair Using a Conditioner

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You have probably read our other article, how best to pre poo your hair for easy shampooing.

There we did mention that you can use either a conditioner or oil as a pre poo treatment. But then you are wondering, how exactly do I use a conditioner to pre poo? Well, keep on reading to learn how best to pre poo your natural hair using a conditioner!

 1. Prepare the Treatment

There are four basic treatments that you can use to pre poo natural hair with a conditioner:

  • Using a conditioner only, nothing added to it.
  • If you are looking to add extra moisture to your hair, you can combine a hydrating conditioner such as our Give Me Slip Blast Hydration Conditioner and a moisturizing oil such as our Organic Oil Blend that allow your curls to grow stronger.
  • If you do have an itchy scalp, you can combine your conditioner with an essential oil such as tea tree oil. Caution here, use only a couple of drops.

The kind of treatment you use will depend on the state of your hair. Play around with each to see what works best for you.

2. Gather Everything You Need to Pre Poo Your Natural Hair Using a Conditioner

Now that you know what treatment to use, time to gather everything that you need. Everything that you need includes:

  • Your pre poo treatment of choice
  • Alligator clips
  • A plastic shower cap or natural hair steamer
  • A mirror to observe what you’re doing, this one is optional though
  • The Diva Must Have Brush.

Gathering everything first will prevent you from going back and forth looking for them and reduce any sort of confusion.

 3. Divide Your Hair Into Sections

Like we like to say, working in sections is way better than working with your hair crown. This is where alligator clips come in. Depending on how voluminous your hair is, use the wide toothed comb divide your natural hair in to various manageable sections and hold each with an alligator clip.

Working in sections ensures that each strand of your hair is given due attention, it is easier than working with your whole head.

 4. Apply pre poo treatment to each section.

The same way you apply oil to your hair as you pre poo is the same way you’ll apply the conditioner treatment.

Unravel one section of your hair and apply your pre poo treatment to the scalp of that particular section and gently massage the treatment in. This helps improve blood circulation to your scalp.

Then, move to the hair shaft itself and apply from the ends heading to the roots. Starting from the hair ends helps in protecting the delicate hair ends from damage. Ensure that the treatment is well distributed.

Follow up with detangling. First use your fingers to gently remove any knots and tangles before going in with our Diva Must Have Brush. Do the same to all the other sections. Remember to be gentle.

 5. Put on a plastic shower cap or a natural hair steamer

After applying the pre poo treatment to your whole head, wear a plastic shower cap and wait for thirty minutes then proceed to shampooing.

You may also choose to pre poo overnight. In this case apply the pre poo treatment on your natural hair at night, wear your bonnet over the plastic shower cap and proceed with shampooing in the morning.

If you choose to use a hair steamer, wait for 15- 20 minutes then proceed to shampooing.

Letting your hair sit under a shower cap or a hair steamer will provide time and heat necessary to let the pre poo treatment soak in.

Have any more tips to add?Do share them below! Happy washing!


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