Affiliate Terms And Conditions

Curls Dynasty’s affiliate program is designed as a way for customers, bloggers and influencers to earn a commission from products sales.

Below are the full terms and conditions of the affiliate program. 

  • These terms and conditions apply to Curls Dynasty’s affiliate program ("administrators").
  • Eligible Sites: The affiliate program is not valid for coupon, deal, sale or discount sites. Affiliate links cannot be posted to any of these types of sites. In general, referral links and coupon codes may be posted on bona fide blog posts, email newsletters or shared via social media. You may also share your affiliate link/coupon code with clients, colleagues or your professional network.
  • Payment Schedule: All conversions are subject to a one month hold period that starts the first day of the month following the date the conversion is recorded. At the end of that month, payment is generally issued on or around the middle of the month following that full month. Exact payout dates and timing may vary and we reserve the right to determine payout dates and eligibility at its sole and final discretion. Some conversions may be subject to a longer hold period. All sales and commissions are in USD and are based on net sale, after discounts, but before taxes or other fees. The program administrators reserve the right to delay, cancel or withhold any commission at any time for any reason, without notice and at their sole and final discretion. 
  • Representation and Disclosure: Affiliates may not represent themselves as "authorized resellers" or "resellers" of products or use any other language the conveys a partnership, reseller or wholesale relationship between the affiliate and Curls Dynasty. Affiliates should instead use the term "affiliate." Affiliates must link visitors directly to com website to purchase. Affiliates must comply with all local or international disclosure laws in content containing affiliate links/coupon codes. 
  • Brand Standards: Affiliates must abide by all brand standards. Affiliates may, at administrators' sole and final discretion, be asked to remove any logos or other brand assets. 
  • Discount Codes: Affiliates may not publish discount codes on public websites or create pages claiming to contain them unless approved by us. Affiliates may, however, distribute discount codes to eligible customers privately or via single social media posts. Customers are still eligible to use any discount code they are eligible for, even if not provided by the affiliate, though this will reduce commission slightly or may result in commission not being paid.
  • Taxes: Affiliates are solely responsible for any taxes or other government mandated fees and administrators cannot provide tax advice. Administrators will not be responsible for issuing tax records or statements to affiliates.
  • Tracking: Please be aware that if you refer a visitor to the site, the administrators may use remarketing technology to display ads to that customer in the future. Orders placed via remarketing are not eligible for commission. Also, please be aware that if a customer searches for or attempts to use certain discount codes, your sale may not be eligible for commission. 
  • Commission Conditions:In order to receive affiliate commission, the order must be purchased via your unique tracking link or have your unique coupon code applied at the online shop ( Any other website is NOT eligible for commission. Not valid for prior purchases. We reserve the right, at our sole and final discretion, to determine the eligibility of commissions and the payout schedule of commissions, including partial commissions. Affiliate commission is based on the final purchase price and collected revenue, less any discounts applied but exclusive of any taxes or fees. Please note that if a customer you referred receives a refund, you will no longer be eligible for commission on that sale. Administrators also reserve the right, at their sole and final discretion, to suspend or remove affiliates eligibility at any time and without notice and to withhold payments.
  • Payment Accounts:Administrators do not verify that PayPal accounts are correct and are not responsible for notifying customers of errors. Affiliates should log in to the affiliate dashboard to verify the correct PayPal email address is on file. If payment is issued to an incorrect email address as the result of affiliate error, the commission is forfeited and the affiliate must update the email address on file immediately to receive future payments. Payments returned due to invalid account information generally will be returned to the affiliate balance due until a valid PayPal email address is provided, however, administrators cannot be responsible for errors in email addresses and reserves the right to retain funds that are repeatedly returned due to invalid email address data.
  • Confidentiality: Conversion rates, commissions, payouts and program operations, including affiliate program dashboards, are considered confidential, proprietary information between the affiliate and the affiliate administrators. Affiliates are strictly prohibited from discussing publicly conversion rates, payouts, program policies or other program details in any public forum.
  • Paid Search: Affiliates may not use paid search, display networks, sponsored posts or other advertising to refer customers to Curls Dynasty.
  • Administrators reserve the right to edit or modify the terms of this program or suspend or cancel this program  at any time without notice. This program is provided as a courtesy only and the administrators do not guarantee that all commissions will be properly tracked and cannot provide credit for improperly tracked orders. The administrators also reserve the right to deny any application or remove an affiliate from the program for any reason without notice, which may include forfeiture of any pending commissions. 

Brand Assets|

By using our brand assets, you indicate your acceptance of the following guidelines: 

Our brand assets are our exclusive property and must be used in a respectful manner. Our brand assets may not be used in a way that implies ownership other than ours, or harms us, our products or services. Please do not associate our brand assets with any illicit or illegal products or activities, or use them in a way that is deceptive or implies endorsement where there is none. Any violation of these guidelines will result in the termination of your affiliate status and/or permission to use our brand assets.