Textured Hair Care Tips for Spring

Textured Hair Care Tips for Spring

Spring brings warmer weather and more humidity. That means it's time to follow these textured hair care tips for spring to keep your mane looking fab.

Spring has sprung, and so has your hair. Is your curly mane out of control with this warmer, more humid, weather? We got you, Diva. We have the best textured hair care tips for Spring to get it looking fab again.


1. Determine your hair type(s).

Not everyone has the same hair type. This means that the products and haircare routine that work for your cousin, may not work for you. If your hair and scalp are dry, use products and a care routine that moisturizes them. If your scalp is oily, and your hair is dry, you might need to wash your scalp more often, but use products only on your hair that moisturize it. 

Another thing to consider is that your hair may be multi-textured. This means that it does not have the same texture throughout. For example, if you’re transitioning from relaxers to natural hair, you might have limp, lifeless tips, and rough, dry locks closer to the scalp. These two textures may require different products and care routines to make them healthy and beautiful. 

It might require some trial-and-error, but you can learn a lot about which products your hair needs if you know what type of hair you have, and how it changes with the seasons.


2. Try new products.

The harsh cold of the previous seasons sucks moisture out of the air, which can cause your hair to dry out. In spring, the weather is warmer and more humid, so you might not need heavy moisturizers like you did in the fall or winter.

If you find that your hair is limp and lifeless, or has a lot of buildup, you may be over-moisturizing. Switch out the butters and heavy oils (like shea butter or castor oil) that work so well in the colder seasons,  for lighter oils - such as those in  Curls Dynasty’s Organic Oil Blend.    


3. Moisturize

Pre-poo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, all of these could be your best friends this spring. If you find that frizz is your biggest issue, and you want softer curls, try using a heavy moisturizer (such as  Curls Dynasty’s Bye-Bye Breakage Overnight Treatment). If this cream makes your hair too heavy, opt for a thinner pre-poo (like   Curls Dynasty’s Give Me the Slip Blast Hydration Conditioner).

Also, don’t forget to wear a swimming cap or condition your hair before you go for a swim!


4. Get a trim

Use the warmer weather as an excuse to trim an inch or two off the bottom. It will help keep you cooler, and get rid of any dry or split ends making your hair easier to care for overall. 


5. Nourish from the inside out

Staying hydrated is important for your organs, but also for your hair. If you’re dehydrated, so is your hair. Dehydration dries out your hair, making it brittle and dull. So make sure to drink enough water. 

Certain foods and  vitamins help make your hair healthy and encourage growth. Eat foods - such as, sweet potato, walnuts, lentils, and others - that have nutrients to create and maintain healthy hair. Certain vitamins - such as vitamin C, folate, iodine, and biotin - also help make and keep your hair growing and glowing.

Well, Diva, now that you have these awesome tips, go out and live your best textured hair life this spring! 

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Good day, im interested in buying the bundle package,I am a woman of color my hair has a texeriser in it, can i use your products on my hair, ,let me know, thanking you bernadette.

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