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7 budget Friendly Gift Guide Ideas From Our CEO Nickie Nou

   The holidays are here! It’s the part of the year where you get to spend quality time with loved ones and also show them how much you love them by gifting them. But then again you’re stuck and stressed on what exactly to gift them.       

     To help you deal with that I have put together seven of my favourite 7 black-owned and women-owned businesses. From hair care to apparel and even nail care, this list is bound to give you a variety of gifts to choose from. 


 Read on to find out 7 budget-friendly holiday gift guide ideas!


  1. A Touch of Diva - Haircare

            I founded Curls Dynasty in 2014 because there was a need for it. I had relaxed hair and at some point decided to transition to natural hair. I needed products that would help me manage my hair textures, the lifeless relaxed hair ends and the new growth which was rough and dry no matter what I did to it. Managing the two textures was not easy.

       Long story short Curls Dynasty was born with a mission to empower women with textured hair to experience and embrace hair freedom. Have a friend who needs a touch of diva? Get them some Curls Dynasty products!


  1. Looking to Make Them Feel Like a Boss?

       If you have a friend who is a fashionista, this is for you. Help them upgrade their style by buying them some Nroda shades. Nroda is a company whose passion for eyewear is one of a kind.  They do believe that if you look like a boss, you will feel like a boss. 

    NRODA is inspired by a fusion of global cultures: from the vibrant roots of Jamaican heritage to the ancient art of Egyptian, African and Indian adornment to the rich music and culture of the CEO’s childhood in the Bronx. As a result, the collections range from edgy statement pieces to bold classics using 24k gold metals, Czech crystal and porcelain flower components. The NRODA mission is to create handcrafted adorned eyewear that inspires you to feel confident, stylish and unapologetically individual. 


  1. Haiti in a Cup of Tea

      Yup, you heard me right! Let me introduce you to, Haïtea.

                   Haitea is a tea company, named after Haïti, which is 100% natural. Pronounced Ayiti, this line of organic and imported tea is carefully packaged to give you the full experience of the perfect cup of tea. Haïtea brings you a perfect blend of three elements; the passion for Haiti, the appreciation for a warm cup of tea and most importantly the opportunities to create jobs for Haitian women farmers. 


  1. Give Them That Clear Glowing Face

        Sid Natural LLC was started by, Sindeline Clervoyant in 2016. She had very sensitive skin, so she started making her skin products, then for her friends and family. It all started with just lotions and has now expanded to much more than that.

       Sid natural pride itself in always putting the customer first in giving excellent customer service and excellent products.  


  1. Welcome to Your Best Body

           Nude Coco is a skincare company elevating body care to face care status. Their signature product, body balmie, is a daily moisturizer delivered in a stick for targeted mess-free application and sure to give you your best body.  

       Their promise to you is that their products are made with a lot of love and they do give your skin intense hydration. 



  1. Cut for Comfort And Made to Love

              GIGI WOO is a lifestyle brand that focuses on comfort and quality for fashion enthusiasts. Gigi woo’s main focus is to create fashion pieces with the millennial woman in mind. The millennial woman who has pulled in so many directions daily. The millennial woman wants to look fashionable but not at the expense of comfort. 


  1. Nails, Anyone?

             Jessie Monroe Nail Care as the name suggests is a nail care company that offers a polish line that is toxic-free for all to use. Jessie Monroe Nail Care represents the urban community in the Nail Industry. Born and raised in Brooklyn, the owner and founder, Kalena Nettles-Williams, realized most of the products used in the nail salons are not made by people in or from her community. While attending Nail Tech School 2018, she decided it was time to make her mark in the Nail Industry.  


      Hope this gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for your loved one! Happy holidays everyone!


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