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3 Simple and Elegant Hairstyles to Slay

   There are probably numerous events going on around you. Dinners and parties here and there, which are organized by family and friends to celebrate the holidays. But then you don’t know which hairstyle to rock. You’re looking for a hairstyle that is easy to put together, one that is simple and elegant, one that will last long, a hairstyle that is versatile; meaning that you can switch it up once in a while, and that is easy to care for. 

       Well, you are in the right place! Read on to find out 3 simple and elegant hairstyles to sleigh!


  1. Braids

        Having braids installed on your hair, before the holidays, will save you from dealing with a lot of hair problems. Braids are a protective style hence will help your hair grow and keep it healthy. Apart from that, braids are versatile, right from installation. You may decide to go for crochet braids or box braids or knotless braids. 

   Another bonus is that they can be styled in many different ways, each of which looks elegant, and are easy to put together.

    One thing to remember though when it comes to braids is that one; you need to prepare your hair to have braids installed, and two; you need to take care of your natural hair while wearing them. 

    Preparation involves having a full washday beforehand, ensuring that you infuse as much moisture as possible in each step. This can be achieved y using the right set of products such as our Wash and Slay Bundle. 

        Enhance and define your curls like never before with the intense hydration found within the Wash and Slay bundle. Experience next-level results as your products work for you, not against you, to create stronger, more defined curls.

   To protect your hair while wearing your braids:

  • You still need to moisturize your hair.
  • Protect your hair as you sleep by wearing a silk/satin scarf or a silk/satin lined bonnet.
  • Take care of your edges
  • Don’t keep them for too long.
  • Oil your scalp.


  1. Twist Out

      Another versatile and common hairstyle is having a twist out. A twist out is a great way to experiment with your hair as it is. You can never go wrong with a twist out. 

   To achieve the perfect twist out:

  • Start with damp hair.
  • Use products that will help your curls pop such as our Curl Popper bundle. The powerful trio of Kalahari Leave-In, Twisted Definition, and Vanilla Cream Custard work in perfect harmony to deliver consistent, reliable results across the entire curl pattern and texture spectrum.
  • Apply the right amount of product, not too much, not too little.
  • Twist your strands firmly. The tighter the twist the firmer the definition.
  • Let the twists dry completely then rock your curls!

    Being a versatile hairstyle, just like braids, a twist out can be styled in so many ways. A deep side part, a middle part, a bun, a double bun or even a half hair updo.

        One thing with twist outs though, is they do not last long. Not as long as braids. The maximum time you can wear a twist out is for about two weeks. How do you keep your twists for long you ask?

  • How well you go about twisting will have a huge effect on how long your twist out will last.
  • When unravelling, do not unravel your strands.
  • Protect your hair as you sleep, wear a pineapple puff, and then wear a silk scarf.


  1. Put on a Head Wrap

    Head wraps are that one effortless and elegant hair accessory every dynasty diva needs. Their vibrant prints never go out of style. Apart from being classy, head wraps are a quick and easy hairstyle solution.

      Furthermore, head wraps keep your hair healthy. They do this by protecting your hair from environmental mishaps such as cold weather. Cold weather dries out your hair, leading to it being brittle and your hair ends up breaking.

        Just because you’re putting on a head wrap, it doesn’t mean that you are exempted from moisturizing your hair. Before putting on that head wrap, you need to moisturize your hair. Using the LOC/LCO method on your hair, style your head wrap and you’re good to go. Our moisture, LCO and growth bundle is sure to help you lock in moisture and softness for longer. Try it out and tell us how it goes! 


      We hope that this guide helps you get some inspiration. You can go ahead and check out our products which are now available at select Target and Walmart stores! Click here to find a store near you.

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