10 Hair Growth Hacks for Luxurious Locks

10 Hair Growth Hacks for Luxurious Locks

Follow these 10 hair growth hacks for luxurious locks. You won't believe how well they work!

Relaxers, dyes, heat styling, hard water, genetics, dehydration - there are so many  reasons why your hair isn’t growing. Whatever the reason, we have the best hair growth hacks for you to turn your short do into long luscious locks. 

  • Hydrate

  • The health of your body starts on the inside, and depends a lot on your environment and what you consume. Similarly, hair only grows when it is healthy, and it is only healthy when it is properly hydrated inside and out. This means that your water intake and hair hydration routine are super important in making sure your hair grows. 

    Luckily, we’ve got your back, Diva. Curls Dynasty is the leading hair care brand in moisture infusion and retention. Along with drinking the recommended amount of water per day, we recommend a healthy diet and regular use of  hydrating hair products to maintain healthy strands and scalp.  

  • Get a trim

  • Hair tends to dry out and break easily at the ends. If you allow dry, split ends to just break off, this exposes the healthier hair above to breakage as well. If you trim off those dry ends, it gives the hair above a chance to grow longer. Getting a trim every 3 months or so is great for promoting healthy, and faster, hair growth.

  • Deep condition every week

  • If you don’t already deep condition, what are you waiting for, Sis? This is the best way to infuse that oh-so-good moisture into your hair so it grows long and luscious, just the way you like it. We recommend using our  Pumpkin Mint Deep Treatment Masque to infuse moisture, strengthen your strands, and promote hair growth. 

  • Switch shampoos

  • Switch to a shampoo that’s sulfate-free and adds moisture to your hair. Ingredients like aloe, oils, and fruit extracts work together in our  Cocoa Mint Moisture Rich Shampoo to both cleanse and moisturize your growing hair. 

  • Co-wash

  • Co-washing is when you replace your typical shampoo and conditioner combo with one product that does both. Our  Give Me the Slip Blast Hydration Conditioner is excellent for co-washing, conditioning, and detangling. If you find that co-washing is making your hair too heavy or greasy, alternate between a typical wash and a co-wash. 

  • Layer your products for maximum moisture

  • The right combination of hair products can be hard to find. Luckily, we’ve put together some amazing bundles to address a variety of hair concerns.  Click here to see which one works best for your growing hair.

  • Do protective styles

  • Avoid styling your hair with heat. And wear styles that you can leave alone (like kinky twists) or that require very little brushing, combing, or pulling.

  • Massage your scalp

  • Daily scalp massages are beneficial because they stretch the hair follicles, which in turn, increases hair thickness. These massages might also help dilate blood vessels, encouraging hair to grow. Add our  Organic Oil Blend to your scalp massage once a week to seal in hydration, add shine, and promote circulation to the scalp for optimal growth.

  • Take a vitamin

  • Curls Dynasty’s  Go & Glow Multi is scientifically formulated from natural vitamins and nutrients to promote hair health and growth from the inside out. 

  • Record your growth and join the challenge

  • There’s nothing better for keeping you motivated than keeping track of your progress. Follow a moisturizing hair care routine, and record your progress. Let’s see how much your hair grows in 60 days… 

    Join our #groandglochallenge now through April 29, 2022 to share your hair growth journey and win $500 in Curls Dynasty products!  Click here to join the challenge.

    Use these hair growth hacks, join the challenge, and get growing to get glowing, Diva!

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