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Curl Popper

Curl Popper

Excellent Product

You have really out done it. This product gave my hair moisture and the definition is amazing!!! I applied after wash and conditioner and braided my hair as usual. When my hair dried I was surprised I had so much moisture.  My curl/coil kept its definition for several days. I am so glad I ordered multiple jars. This is definitely a fav of mine. Thank you!

No more dryness

I had a hard time trying to find the right products to keep my hair from drying. Curls Dynasty Kala Hari smoothie leave-in has really done it for me this time. I really like the results of the moisture it gives my curls.

Give Me Slip Blast Hydration Conditioner

WOW !!!!! What price Glory

My bald spot is growing real fast(at the top of my head). In just a few weeks, it’s amazing love all the products so far. The result is surprising, I sure will keep buying your products. Thanks so much. WOW!!!!

Black Excellence

Absolutely Great 😊

New to the product

So far I am very pleased with products purchased
. Smell is awesome. My hair is thick now shorter but it uh s growing and these products are really keeping it in control. I will post a picture at some later date. So happy I found this product.

Wash and Slay

Wash and Slay


I love this product

I kept the receipt...

I purchased the twisting cream from Target so I could easily return it (convinced I would hate it). I even washed my hair on a Thur so that I'd have a chance to rewash on Sunday before the work week (I just knew this product wouldn't work). #1 reason I thought I was going to hate it: contains coconut. Yes, I'm one of those. Can't do coconut oil or derived from crap. Makes my hair super dry and brittle. But this product only contains coconut fruit extract. #2 reason: youtubers said the old formula was better. I never tried the old formula. Was hesitant to try the new formula that everyone seemed to be on the fence about.
Love the moisture (might have a leg up on Melanin elongating twisting cream).
Love the hold (reminds me of Camille Rose Aloe Butter, but performs better on my hair). Note, I don't use gel so it's important my twisting cream has hold
Alot of definition (twist out). Like ALOT!
Love that it wasn't finicky (like Miche cream). I paired it with the Melanin leave in and oil; and I tend to be heavy handed. Absolutely NO FLAKES.
Love my hair didn't have frizz at take down. Yes, I go slow and all that other crap you're supposed to do at take down...but some products still leave my hair frizzy.
And most important, the coconut fruit extract wasn't a problem for this anti-coconut-girl. Please don't change the formula and add coconut oil (deal breaker). out and get this product. Save the receipt if you want to; but don't be surprised if you fall in love. And go get the Pumpkin Mint Deep Conditioner. That's amazing too!

Curl Popper
Curl dynasty

Love the leave in conditioner and the vanilla cream custard. Definitely renew my hair.

Hello Growth

I’ve been using the hello growth oil for 8days . My husband and I love the fragrance of the blended oils in my hair.
My scalp feels healthier but I don’t see any hair growth yet!

Curl Popper

Curl Popper


My hair is truly hydrated without being oily or wet! This is the real deal. I will purchase this again and I do recommend it.

I love the vanilla cream custard. I like the fragrance of the cream and the way it feels and make my hair feels. I like the end result when I do a twist out on my 4b hair. I wish I can purchase a bigger jar. Curls Dynasty is a great product. I appreciate the fact that the product has real natural ingredients that is good for Black people hair. It doesn’t have ingredients that will harm our hair or harm our scalp and bodies. awesome product!

Curl Popper

Really great

Love it

Love the smell!

Organic Oil

I love it very much. My hair has grown and stronger then ever.

Less hair breakage

I started using Bye-Bye Breakage Miracle Overnight Treatment and I have noticed that I have less hair breakage and my hair is less tangled at the end of my hair. Super product. I love Hair Dynasty!!!

My oldest child took my vitamins as candy unbeknownst to me. I twist his hair and made a comment of his hair growth to him. The next morning I started to refill my vitamin pillbox and notices the gummy vitamins bottle had only 6 left. Now I know what helped my
Child’s Hair to grow. I ordered another bottle hopefully It will be all mine :). I’m using the breakage cream on front portion of
My hair while braided



Great Product

I love the smell and the feel of my hair!!!! I can't get the curls yet; my hair is too short. I will continue to use the products.

Curl Popper
I love my hair

Your product helps me manage my hair in a way I have never been able to since I went natural ❤️

Kalahari Smoothie Leave-In

Instant curl pattern

First use on my daughters hair and I love it...instantly curled her twists in a defined pattern. Will definitely keep this around.