Nickie Nougaisse Founder/CEO

Curls Dynasty was founded officially in 2014 by healthy hair and body enthusiast Nickie Nougaisse. After years of getting her hair chemically treated, Nickie became disheartened by her burned, scabbed scalp, stunted growth, limp and thinning hair. In 2011 at the prompting and encouragement of trusted who had transitioned to natural hair, Nickie took a leap of faith and stopped all chemical processing of her hair. The transition process was challenging but well worth the end results. A lot of time and focus were spent on researching the healthiest, chemical free techniques and products that could revive her hair.

By then the natural hair movement was in full swing and there was no lack of information on social media and blogs on what to do and what products to use. Countless tutorials and blog articles later, she was in full blown product junkie mode with cabinets full of products that flopped. Nickie began to mix her own concoctions in the kitchen and using them. Soon, others in her surroundings took notice of the positive changes in her hair and skin her hair; compliments abounded.

Passionate about the subject, on a daily basis she found herself giving out tips, providing encouragement and guidance to women and men with all hair types and textures who just wanted healthier hair. It was only a matter of time before she was asked to share the products she used. With gladness and excitement, many evenings were spent mixing, testing, and developing products that coworkers, family and friends loved. People were actually referring other and were willing to pay for this stuff!

Today she is able to share these amazing organic recipes with the world with the assistance of like-minded qualified suppliers and laboratory facilities. In her quest to provide only the best, she researches and uses each product personally. The quality ingredients in Curls Dynasty’s products are optimal for all hair types.